Retaining Walls in Troutman, NC

Retaining Walls, Troutman, NC

And expertly engineered natural stone or segmented retaining wall is an extremely popular and sensible choice when constructing a landscape installation project. These walls can be incorporated into any area of a landscape; they lend stability and support sloping land. A retaining wall is quite different from a boundary or garden wall as it has a specialized purpose.

These installations are typically built in areas that require additional support. For example, if certain areas of your landscape need to be excavated before the installation of outdoor features, the dugout spots would need additional support. Installing a retaining wall at this point helps prevent soil erosion and supports the backfill.

We at OME Landscaping are a leading company in the hardscaping space. Over the years, our team has created outdoor havens on properties in Troutman, NC, and surrounding areas.

Block Retaining Wall Systems

We stand firmly behind the quality of the retaining walls we construct, not just because they are aesthetically appealing, but because they are resilient and durable too. We have provided retaining wall design and installation services to clients in and around Statesville, Mooresville, NC, and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for excellent retaining wall solutions, you are at the right place.

Retaining Wall Materials

Regardless of whether you need a half-height a retaining wall installed along the periphery of your patio or a taller structure to support a terraced landscape, we have you covered. Our company can design and install walls made of:

  • Concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Concrete masonry blocks
  • Timber
  • Combination materials

Our company uses high-quality materials in our work, ensuring that the features will be long lasting and provide your landscape the support it needs. We have expert masons on our team that handle the retaining wall installation as per plan.

Retaining Wall Ideas

We believe that even a utilitarian feature like a retaining wall can enhance the appeal of your landscape. It is why we focus on creating incredibly unique retaining wall plans and designs such as:

  • If you prefer a concrete retaining wall, we can install natural stone veneer on the surfaces to improve its aesthetics.
  • We can design retaining walls with inbuilt seating. These features are perfect for areas such as fireplace and fire pit zones, poolscapes as well as around decks and patios.
  • When we are designing walls for terraced landscapes, we can also incorporate planter spaces into the features.
  • Many of our clients are now opting for living walls. These dual-purpose retaining walls have special niches in them that can be used to install small plants and vines.
  • Tiered retaining walls are suitable for multi-leveled outdoor spaces.

Today, there are several different materials on the market. This means we can create the kind of effect and aesthetic you need in your landscape. Whether you want a more modernistic retaining wall or one with an old-world appeal, we have the solutions for you.

OME Landscaping are here to cater to your retaining wall and paver installation needs. Our passion for creating unique and durable outdoor features is rivaled only by our commitment to quality and reliability. For any more information on our services or retaining wall installation cost, feel free to contact us at 704-883-4706. You can also connect with us via this Online Form.